Missing Tone Curve Figure

On page 182 of the book, in Figure 4.65, a screenshot of the Parametric Tone Curve is missing. The image of the sand dollars  illustrating Optimized Black-and-White Tone Mapping was tone mapped using the Parametric Tone Curve. I mentioned the settings but the screenshot didn’t make it into the book. My bad…

Here is the screenshot that should be been in Figure 4.65.

This is the example image for the section.

You can download the DNG from the Optimized Tone post (note, you’ll need the password to download the DNG).


  1. Hi there -

    I can’t get to the password protected pages, despite entering password – so either I have not understood what the password is supposed to be ( I have used the log in password) or there;s a glitch



    • ps_ I also tried the p42 password

      • DOH! it has to be with the same upper and lower case as the word on p 42 apparently…..

        be patient with me, I am doing my best:)


  2. Hope you got it…

    • Im reading the book “The Digital Negative” and trying to access the images, but is honestly difficult. The password described in the book (page 42) leaves us a litle confuse, because I do not know exactly what the correct password, exemplos: IMO8010336 (with “O”, no space) or IMO_8010336 (with “O”, with space) or IM08010336 (with zero, no space) or IM0_8010336 (with zero and space) or what I think to be an “I” (i) capital letter is true an “L” lower case letter (l). After all what is the correct password? I already diferentes combinations but unsuccessfully.

      • Actually, you are missing the gist of the password. The password isn’t in image number. Here’s a hint, the password is the original early code name for what would be eventually called Lightroom…

  3. LOL yes thanks Jeff

  4. I’m totally vexed. There’s no password on p 42. P 42 is only about something called xxxxxx DELETED by Moderator..

  5. Never mind, the secrets out. I got it.

  6. I can’t enter into the protected posts, I tried the pass in page 42.

    • Remember, it must be typed in EXACTLY as it appears in the book (with upper/lowercase letters…

  7. I have Digital Negative, is it ok? Then, there is a pass with a space between two words on the image on page 42, right? I think that I tried every combination, but nothing ))

    • The password is the name of the precursor application name for the app that became Lightroom…one word with proper caps.

  8. The code on the board of ship looks more like the pass we’re looking for )) Thank a lot.

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