Wayne Fox’s Printer Cleaning Page

In the online chapter download from Peachpit, I mentioned photographer Wayne Fox’s (www.waynefox.com) Cleaning Page image. Wayne has been gracious enough to provide this image for readers of The Digital Print book.

Wayne designed the image to fire ink through all of the 10+ ink nozzles found in Epson and Canon pro printers. Wayne suggests using this image instead of a traditional nozzle check if you haven’t made a print from your printer for a week or so. Wayne also suggests using cheap standard 8.5×11 “inkjet paper” rather than wasting expensive paper. The object of the cleaning page is to push some ink (more ink than a nozzles check) through all the nozzles. Note, the image’s color space is Adobe RGB.

Print this page to fire ink through all print head nozzles.

Click here to download the TIF file (330KB zipped tif file)

Printer maintenance is important and an important aspect of maintenance is to actually make prints! The more you print, the happier your printer will be…


  1. The link has been fixed.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for fixing the link.

      Carlo Valpiani

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