I’ve uploaded the new Sample Images for The DIGITAL NEGATIVE 2ND Edition. The Sample Images from both editions require a password to download the DNG files.

The images offered for download require a password in order to access the Example Images posts to the DNG downloads. You can find the password in The DIGITAL NEGATIVE the first edition and the newly released Second Edition on page 42 of Chapter 2 Adobe Raw Image Processing: An Overview. In Figure 2.2, I show a screenshot of one of the initial versions of an application from the fall of 2002 that was a precursor to Lightroom. The name of that application is the password to view the Example Image posts. Note: the password is case sensitive!

NOTE: The Lossy DNG files require Camera Raw 9.x in Photoshop CC/CS6 or Lightroom CC/6 in order to open and see the adjustments. The DNGs are not compatible with previous versions.


  1. Perhaps you should point out that the application is in the text rather than on screen capture.

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