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The Digital Negative Second Edition is about raw image processing of digital camera captures. It details what makes for a really good digital negative and how to harness the massive power of Lightroom and Camera Raw to extract the best-possible raw rendering of that digital negative. It’s also about when and how to deploy Photoshop to take your rendered digital negatives further using the power of Photoshop to perfect the images that need and deserve the attention. I drill down on the Lightroom Develop module and the Camera Raw plug-in extensively—that’s the meat of this book. While parametric image editing (editing the parameters instead of the image pixels in Lightroom and Camera Raw) has advanced considerably since Camera Raw was first introduced, there is still a use for that venerable old lady named Photoshop.

The newly updated Second Edition of The Digital Negative includes new content to cover new features that have been added to Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop. The software versions used in the book were Lightroom CC 2015.1, Camera Raw 9.2 and Photoshop CC 2015.2.

I wrote this book because there didn’t seem to be an optimal source of information that suitably covered the main topic without being relegated to covering everything about a single application. The world doesn’t need yet another Lightroom or Photoshop book. What I thought was needed, though, was a book about the essence of raw image processing, regardless of the imaging application. I set out to write a book about cross-application integration that addressed the needs of photographers who want to optimize their images for the best-possible image quality.

I called the book The Digital Negative for a reason. In my formative years as a young photographer, I read a series of books by Ansel Adams that formed the genesis of my infatuation with and addiction to photography. Ansel’s books—The Camera, The Negative, and The Print had a huge impact and greatly helped advance my knowledge of photography. Time will tell if I can have even a minute fraction of the impact on others that his books had on me. (Excerpt from the book’s introduction)

Jeff Schewe – August, 2015

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